Call for Papers

This year, we are requesting two types of submissions: scholarly and doctoral. (We are happy to consider other formats as well, just contact us to discuss.) 

The first type of submissions we would like to receive is traditional scholarly papers. As usual, in this online conference, we want shorter papers than is common in journals and face-to-face conferences. This shorter length is to allow conference goers to read your paper during the conference. This has the advantage of meaning that people interacting with you have actually read your paper and can offer informed feedback. The maximum length we can permit is 2000 words. This allows you to get feedback on an outline of a new project, a troublesome section of a current paper or a summary of something you're currently working on. The timing of the conference makes it particularly useful for getting informed feedback on your paper prior to submission to the Academy of Management. The subject matter in this section can be anything at all to do with organisational fit including related subjects. The focus of your paper is similarly wide-ranging and can include theoretical, conceptual, review, empirical or teaching ambitions. Papers submitted to this section will be refereed by at least two organisatonal fit scholars and you wil receive written feedback prior to the conference. 

The second type of submissions we would like to receive are those from people who are undertaking, or about to undertake, doctoral studies in fit. In previous fit e-conferences, many of the most published people in the field have attended the conference. And these people have shown themselves to be tremendously considerate in helping doctoral students with their studies. This is a great opportunity to get pointers and suggestions from acknowledged experts. The maximum length of paper in the doctoral section is 1000 words and you can use this section in any way you wish. Perhaps you want help with your outline, perhaps with a particular methodology, perhaps with a particular problem, or perhaps with a particular paper. All you need to do is describe the help you want in a paper of no more than 1000 words.


  • Scholarly papers (max. 2000 words; deadline 30th October 2010 to allow for refereeing)
  • Doctoral zone (max. 1000 words; deadline 30th October 2010)


    All submissions should be emailed to Jon Billsberry at Coventry University: j.billsberry 'at' 

    In your cover note, please make it clear in which section of the e-conference you would like your submission to be considered.