Fit Island

Fit Island is a 24 hour, 365 days a year resort and conference island serving the fit community. It is free and open to any one interested in fit.

It's a great place to chill out. Or to meet people and chat about fit-related ideas. It's also a great place for meetings, workshops, seminars and presentations when location prevents you getting everyone together.

Fit Island is a virtual paradise constructed in Second Life. The bulk of the island contains places to chill out and relax. Go hang gliding over the sea, watch the sharks and the rays in the sunset, enjoy the moonlight disco, or simply bask on the sun-drenched loungers. But within the idyllic beauty are some functional areas; a presentation area, a seminar circle, and meeting places of various sizes. Whatever your needs (subject to a maximum island capacity of 100), Fit Island is designed to help you pursue your fit-related passions.

Fit Island is completely free. All you have to do to access it is set up a free Second Life account ( and teleport to Fit Island (once you've made your way off the training island). It's open now - get registered and check it out!

During the e-conference, Fit Island will host the following:

  • Coffee Breaks
  • Informal Meetings
  • Moonlight Misfit Disco
  • Firework Finale

Here are some screen shots that capture the beauty and functionality of Fit Island:

The Presentation Platform

From the Platform

Seminar Circle at Sunset

Sunrise Over the Disco and Presentation Area

Chillin' at Lunchtime

An Impromptu Lunchtime Bop

Hang-gliding Over the Island

The Sunrise Parasol - Great Place for Small Meetings

Just Time for a Dip